yo lovely face, welcome to whoa-edsheeran.

I make edits of this ginger called ed sheeran, have a nice day xx

 creeping through..

about the blogger:

anesya | 18 | germany

bollywood blog: OHBOLLYWOOD

my first stupid gifset with courier new font
got over 200 notes- you guys are kidding me right?
i had to use courier new cause i´ve upgraded my laptop without saving my fonts so yeah.

Anonymous: what happened to alice (ed's old girlfriend?)


She became a velociraptor and moved to Atlantis shortly after their breakup

grahamthekitten: ur beautiful

I forgot how smooth the ed sheeran fandom is

while i was gone for 2 months Ive reached
4,000 followers, its like sleeping beauty getting a prince charming when  waking up.

except in my case - I´m still ugly and single